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The Squid and the Sea


What happens when you’re on holiday and a mischievous cephalopod washes up on the beach? ‘The Squid and the Sea’ will take you from eating calamari on the sands, to discovering hidden wonders of the ocean depths. Featuring a unique 16-foot giant squid puppet made by Judith Hope, music by Hannabiell Sanders, and direction from Kathleen Yore, Tatwood Puppets' interactive, tentacle-filled clown and movement piece is sure to make a big splash at your next event.

As featured in the Yorkshire Post at Beverley Puppet Festival 2022

"Crowds were delighted by giant and fantastical creatures, including the multi-tentacled, ten-foot-long The Squid, run by six puppeteers, complete with clown performer, by Tatwood Puppets of Newcastle."


Cephalopod Puppet Making Workshops

Join Tatwood Puppets in this two hour workshop to make and perform with your own cephalopod marionette. These simple string puppets make ideal projects for slightly older children and have moving legs and head, resulting in pleasing yet simple movements. At the end of the session participants will be given a booklet to remind them about the making and performing techniques learnt, as well as lots of interesting facts about octopuses, squids and tips on how we can all help protect our beaches and seas. 


Cephalopod puppet making workshops, can be delivered with 'The Squid & the Sea' or stand alone. Recommended workshop age: 7+


Check out our workshop resource pack:

Designed by Jonjo O'Connor

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