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Newcastle upon Tyne-based Tatwood Puppets was formed in summer 2017 by Matt Wood and Kerrin Tatman due to a commission from Backyard Rhythm Orchestra to create a large walkabout mushroom puppet for Boomtown Festival. This first gig led on to the making of marionette fantasy 'Apterous: The Flightless Dragon' and table-top magic cabaret act 'Count Ocular' for the Smoking Puppet Cabaret Tent at Shambala Festival - and accidentally a company was born!


In early 2018, Tatwood Puppets secured funding from Arts Council England to begin work on 'Microbodyssey' - a visual theatre show about microbiology using shadow, 3D puppets, an original soundtrack and clown. Alongside this project they acquired a specialised puppet booth to allow development on their cabaret show 'Count Ocular' into a longer 'Cabaret of Curiosities'. That summer they performed both shows around the UK, including at Wilderness Festival, Nottingham Puppet Festival, Beverley Puppet Festival, Alphabetti Theatre, Shambala Festival and Redcar Puppet Festival.


Tatwood Puppets specialise in table-top, close up magic, marionettes and original soundtracks, but also work with walkabout puppetry, offer workshops, and are open to commissions and collaborations within other puppetry, musical and visual theatre disciplines. 

Matt Wood


Kerrin Tatman


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