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Check out our early work below from the summer of 2017, which is not currently available for touring.

Apterous: The Flightless Dragon

A touching marionette and shadow fantasy for all ages with an original score

​A tale of companionship, tough decisions and freedom, Apterous: The Flightless Dragon entrances children through beautiful visuals and touches the hearts of adults with it's truthful themes. Featuring a visceral original score, unique marionettes and beautiful shadow puppetry, Tatwood Puppets transports you to a land of giants and dragons where human relationships are exposed. 

Klezmer Monster Circus

A interactive dancing mushroom man accompanied by live klezmer music

A marching walkabout like no other! A surreal mushroom man follows a trio of mysterious klezmer musicians on their nomadic travels, inviting passers by to join in with his epic dance moves wisdom. 

King of the Swingers

A high energy, banana-filled version of The Jungle Book's 'King of the Swingers' 

A collaboration with art-folk band Aeyther, this rendition of The Jungle Book's 'King of the Swingers' gives audiences with laughter and silliness. Featuring mask, hand puppets and live music, this act is a perfect addition to any cabaret.

Mr. Worm's Book of Wonders

An interactive dancing mushroom man accompanied by live klezmer music

Mr. Worm has left the safety of his library for the first time in a century! Watch him experience the wonders of the outdoor world for the first time and hear some of the epic tales he has discovered from amongst the pages. 

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