Join the one-eyed magician Count Ocular and friends for a gothic, vaudeville experience in the bizarre world of the Cabaret of Curiosities. In a modern reimagining of the traditional puppet booth show, otherworldly creatures appear in a variety of unique puppetry acts that will amaze, bemuse and entertain. Expect tabletop puppetry, close-up magic, original music, laughter, wonder and mystery in an intimate extravaganza for those who enjoy the stranger side of life.



"I have no idea how they did some of it"

Three Weeks Edinburgh

Booking options: 

1. 45 minute cabaret show (up to 2 performances a day)

2. 15 minute Count Ocular cabaret acts (up to 6 performances a day)

Suitable for: theatres, festivals, cabarets, private events, tents, small venues


Ages: 16+ / adults for full show. All ages for Count Ocular cabaret act. 


Set up: Performed in a 2m wide x 2m deep x 2.5m high puppet booth with two side platforms

For full show a performance area of at least 4m wide x 3m deep x 2.5m high is needed


Venue: Indoors for full show or outdoors suitable for Count Ocular cabaret act


"a display of marionettery
like no other"

The Wee Review

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